Frequently Asked Question

What can’t I store?

Under your storage agreement you are prohibited from storing the following:

- Hazardous Goods
- Illegal goods
- Food or perishables
- Stolen goods
- Harmful or explosive goods

When can I get access to my storage unit?

For security purposes Tararua Self Storage allows access during daylight hours, seven days per week.

What are the accepted payment methods for my storage?

We accept:

1. Automatic Payments

2. Internet Banking

3. Cash or Cheque

4. Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard only)

Who has access to my storage unit?

As you provide the lock only you have the keys to your unit and therefore you decide who can have access to your unit. We do sell individually packaged padlocks if you would like to purchase one at the time we sign up your storage agreement. For security purposes we will not hold keys to individual units on your behalf. You store it, you lock it, and you hold the key!!

Are my goods insured when stored in my unit ?

Your goods are NOT insured by Tararua Self Storage. 
The goods you have in our storage units are yours, and remain your sole responsibility. We recommend all goods stored are insured and suggest you check with your insurance provider to see if you already have cover for items in storage, and if not we suggest you arrange insurance.